Campus Automation Solutions

Campus Management is a leading provider of software, strategies and services which enable institutions of higher education to offer dynamic models of engagement and delivery. Campus Management is a leading provider of cloud-based SIS, CRM and ERP solutions and services that transform higher education institutions. Today, more than 1,100 institutions in over 30 countries partner with Campus Management to transform academic delivery, student success, and operational efficiency. Campus Management is a finalist for the 2019 Microsoft Power BI Partner of the Year and the 2018 Microsoft Global Education Partner of the Year

1) Academic Delivery
• Multiple term structures and academic delivery models, in a single instance, out-of-the-box
• Financial aid that supports academic models
2) Student Success
• CRM designed for higher education constituent perspective
• Attract and retain across the entire student lifecycle from recruiting to advancement
3) Operational Efficiency
• Optimize institutional funds and resources
• Make informed, data-driven decisions, anytime and anywhere

Help make Education Affordable, Accessible and Adaptable for All
Provide the best student experiences and clearest pathways to success through graduation by streamlining and centralizing digital learning and communication channels, and leveraging digitally-integrated financial processes and analytics to maximize revenue generation and financial integrity.

The Vision of Integrated Systems Support
SAP for Higher Education and Research

Helping to establish superior student and faculty engagement through targeted solutions delivered across an intelligent enterprise With the SAP Intelligent Enterprise Framework, SAP provides the integrated suite of applications, the intelligent technologies, and the digital platform that institutions need to adapt. I.T.Champs have the vision, the solutions, and the commitment to meet the future challenges colleges and universities face in defining their transformation strategy, delivering the right solutions, and running the digital backbone in the cloud.

Reimagined University Work and Working

Department-by-department staffing must change from tactical to strategic. Nowhere is inefficiency in universities more pronounced than in department staffing structures. Employees are hired and retained without the context of an enterprise strategy to build the next-gen workforce with the skills to manage the intelligent university.


To meet student expectations, campus information must be available in real time and always accessible.

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