Application Security Testing

Web and Mobile Applications are the primary entry point for attackers. These apps are often left vulnerable due to factors like enormous pressure on Development teams to meet deadlines, vulnerable third-party APIs.


Server Security Testing

Servers are goldmines of information for the attacker. Application Servers are home to the source code of the application, configuration files, cryptographic keys and lots of other important data.


Network Penetration Testing

Network management of any organization is one of the easiest target for attacks. Wireless Networks are highly vulnerable to attacks like MiTM, DoS and De-Authentication attacks. Network is also vulnerable to Do’s Attacks etc.


Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Infrastructure security is the cumulative security assessment of applications, servers and the network of the organization. IT Champs offers specific testing services to perform the comprehensive risk assessment.


Cloud Security Testing

Securing cloud infrastructure is important aspect of digital mobility. Most cloud migration services focus of speed rather than security. Multiple data breaches have taken place due to misconfigured cloud services.


IoT Devices Security Testing

IOT devices are connected to technology and therefore can be easily manipulated. Hackers can hack these devices and can disrupt the functionality of these devices. These attacks can either lead to a device being non-functional or it can be misused by the attacker.