In the new age of commerce, consumers are calling the shots. Brands are adapting their strategies to provide what customers demand, which means having a seamless experience both online and offline, being omni-channel, and planning pop-ups with limited-edition apparel. All these examples demonstrate how the customers have been handed over the reins with the hope of creating brand evangelists who return time and again for new and thrilling experiences.

The Consumer and Industrial Goods industry faces numerous challenges due to volatility in global markets, intense competition, cost pressures, changing business models, and ever-changing expectations of consumers. However, amidst these challenges lie many opportunities that are largely led by technological advancements.

The Consumer and Industrial Goods companies are increasingly focusing on how to use new technologies to boost brand engagement and improve performance levels to foster revenue growth. Companies are evaluating technologies to differentiate their business – Cloud, Enterprise Mobility, IoT, Social Media, Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Product and Portfolio Management, PLM, Value Chain Planning tools, MES, Spend Analytics, SRM, Security solutions, CRM, Asset Management, Modern Marketing processes and solutions, and Modern Supply Chain solutions, Distribution and Omni-channel, among others.

Consumer and Industrial Goods companies choose IT Champs to help them reduce time to market and costs, improve control of manufacturing operations, and deliver superior experiences to customers. Towards the mission of technologies for a better world, leading manufacturing companies’ partner with us to make manufacturing smarter, build connected supply chains and develop intelligent products.

Areas of focus:
  • Intense competition and pressure to reduce costs
  • Pressure to innovate and accelerate new product development
  • Proliferation of connected devices
  • Managing geopolitical risks
  • Preserving brand integrity
  • Stricter global regulatory compliance requirements
  • Need for agile IT that keeps pace with changing business requirements
  • Supply chain flexibility with better transparency and traceability
  • Shortage of skilled resources to manage complex supply chain processes
  • Mergers, acquisitions, breakups, and spin-offs
  • Better informed consumers and change in patterns of how they interact with the brand
  • Capture micro-demographic shifts to create additional opportunities

Why Choose IT Champs
  • Better visibility of the manufacturing floor and accurate forecasting
  • Better capacity planning
  • Consolidated view & management of product portfolio
  • Engaging and communicating with customers across multiple channels
  • Adhering to global trade compliance requirements
  • Supply Chain integrity and transparent reporting
  • Better collaborate with partners/suppliers and manage their performance
  • Listening and responding to sentiments of people that matter the most
  • Enabling connected devices infrastructure – plant floor, supply chain, retail, last mile
  • Access to real-time data – consumers, supply chain, machinery, trade promotion spending, sales, etc.