Consumer preferences for what they want to buy and where and how they want to buy it change fast. The retail industries must expand their digital technology solutions to keep up with new expectations from more demanding customers. Globally retailers are faced with complex inter-related issues such as ever-transient customer preferences, diminishing low operational margins, competition from existing & emerging store formats and the continuous pressure to create increasing value for shareholders. The industry has been witnessing considerable transformation over the last few years. Retailers are fast adopting technology for expanding delivery channels, achieving better operational efficiencies and using customer data from various points of contact to optimize their supply chains.

At IT Champs we combine our industry expertise and experience, extensive knowledge of the retail industry, and unparalleled technical depth to address the complex business problems with comprehensive solutions and services to meet the unique and evolving needs of the retail sector. The functional consultants and analysts come with comprehensive industry knowledge from various businesses like fashion apparel & accessories, sports footwear, consumer durable with experience in hyper-markets, large supermarkets, department stores, and specialty stores.

Our services comprise of a mix of Technology Consulting, Architecture & Design, Implementation, Management and Maintenance in the areas of e-business solutions, Enterprise Application Integration and Legacy applications. Our Retail Expertise comprises of talents with extensive domain experience in Retail Information Systems, Supply Chain Management (warehouse systems, logistics), Merchandising systems, Customer Relationship Management, Data Warehousing, and Multi-channel retailing. We provide a portfolio of comprehensive solutions designed specifically for the new retail environment, where every piece of your retail value chain, from forecasting and planning to allocation and replenishment, must be focused on meeting and surpassing customer expectations.

IT Champs delivers services to the manufacturing industry in

Financial Management

Invoicing and Payment Management

Logistics Management

Resource Planning and Scheduling

Staff Management

Enterprise Reporting & Business Intelligence Services

In-Store Customer Experience

Merchandising Science

Channel Convergence

Merchandising and Supply Chain Planning and Execution

Gate Entry