SAP Global Rollout

IT Champs consultants have vast experience of leading complex and challenging template rollouts across multiple geographies. A “highly prepared” approach, controlling the template approach, high degree of process and object reusability, system sanitization, applying the best practices across countries, minimizing country specificity, integrating cultures and teams from diverse locations, mobilization of teams and knowledge retention & building are some of our key strengths.

IT Champs is committed to maximizing the cost savings, not just by our “Global Delivery Model”, but by showcasing the productivity part and the reusable assets that are built during the engagement and the available tools.

IT Champs has involved in multiple rollout projects to big conglomerate across the globe. We understand the complexities of any rollouts are multi-dimensional, considering the existing templates, additions coming from the locations of rollouts and its local or statutory impositions over the existing templates. IT Champs always has a mix and effective approach over the rollouts which is strategically planned and with the knowledge of local and legal requirements from different countries.

Rollouts have similar yet distinct requirements from different operative locations, we use the reusable effectively to reduce the time and cost for such activities. With our structured and governance model in place Subject Matter Experts gets involved in the process and activities during the rollouts to have the process standardization which may follow a change management.

Key elements for SAP Process Rollouts

  • Identifying the global reporting structure
  • Data Modelling for the Global reporting
  • Transaction and process modelling
  • Process standardization
  • Global template creations
  • Identifying the localization and its need
  • Effectively using the global and local processes

In any expansion or new acquisitions business always face the challenge of harmonization of the existing business process and generating the KPIs at the decision reporting at the Global level. We have the experience to deliver such rollouts with effectively of business benefits.


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