Intelligent Cloud-based ERP for Medium and Large Enterprises Boost your growing business with SAP Business ByDesign by turning growth potential into real results.

Boost your growing business with SAP Business ByDesign by turning growth potential into real results. SAP Business ByDesign seamlessly connects with all the functions of your organizations and provides you with the foundation to scale and compete without the complexity and cost, so you can grow your business your way.

SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign is a Cloud ERP (enterprise resource planning) and business management software product from the stables of SAP SE that is sold & operated as SAS (software as service). SAP Business ByDesign was launched in September 2007 and specifically designed keeping in mind the needs & requirements of medium and large enterprises. SAP Business ByDesign unites all your key business functions across the company such as human resources, customer relationship management, supply chain, procurement and many more into one application. It enables you to streamline business processes, improve economies of scale, gain full visibility and control of your business with time-tested best practices and in-depth analytics. SAP Business ByDesign on-demand & monthly subscription-based solution offers built-in business analytics, e-learning and support that are essential for a growing business.

SAP Business ByDesign enables you to do the following

  • Start small and enable additional modules as needed, at no cost (other than user licenses) if you choose to self-enable
  • Gain transparency and make better, faster decisions with built-in analytics
  • Achieve alignment and accountability with integrated processes, metrics, and compliance
  • Gain end-to-end collaboration with unified work centers

Monthly Subscription Fee

is based on number of users.

Business ByDesign uses an all-inclusive pricing model to enable fast time to value.

And, Who is it for?

SAP Business ByDesign is an ideal fit for growing medium and large enterprises that are looking for a unified cloud-based ERP solution that can handle all key business functions without the complexity and high costs.

So, if you are a medium and large enterprise and you are facing one or more of these challenges, then SAP Business ByDesign might just be the answer.

  • Is your business growing quickly and you need an ERP which can scale as quickly & cost-effectively?
  • Are you struggling to optimize the business and reduce operational cost due to low process transparency?
  • Do you need a unified ERP system for truly integrating your headquarters with your subsidiaries?
  • Are you searching for a future-ready, agile ERP solution to meet your ambitious growth strategy without hassle?
  • Are you expanding your business locally or globally and require an ERP with an in-built localization solution?
  • Do you need a platform that helps you collaborate efficiently among your employees, partners, and customers across borders?
  • Are you lacking solid business insights needed for making in-the-moment informed decisions or long-term competitive planning?

Key Functionality

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Enhance supply chain effectiveness while increasing flexibility by enhancing collaboration with customers and suppliers.

  • Enhance product development by accelerating time-to-market and ensuring product design meets customer requirements
  • Simplify supply chain management setup by obtaining a clearer view of your networks and layouts during supply chain modeling
  • Tighten supply chain planning by controlling the flow of materials with an exception-driven approach to procurement


Empower your employees with integrated self-service procurement capabilities helping your business save time and money.

  • Enable effective sourcing by maintaining a central database of supplier and product information, allowing your business to negotiate better pricing and manage multiple supplier contracts
  • Streamline your company’s purchasing activities and provide real-time information to buyers, enabling them to focus on strategic procurement activities


Achieve an integrated, real-time view of your manufacturing operations and optimize your entire process to shrink costs and meet customer needs.

  • Improve manufacturing efficiency by streamlining and integrating processes
  • Simplify the management of new sales channels, channel partners, and markets
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with a 360-degree view of every customer
  • Streamline manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics to efficiently produce high-quality products.

Professional Services

Support complete, fully integrated professional services automation from client management to project management financials.

  • Gain real-time visibility into your projects
  • Develop the right services at the right time, ensure on-time delivery, and replicate success
  • Target your services with greater insight into customer lifecycles
  • Differentiate your business by planning and delivering maximum client value.
  • Evaluate projects and client profitability in real-time to meet business goals.


Quickly and accurately forecast demand while easily adapting to change to reduce inventory costs and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Forecast demand to better optimize supply and increase profitability
  • Gain complete visibility into your supply chain and track the delivery of inbound items
  • Reduce operational costs while optimizing inventory levels and working capital
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty despite competition from price-focused companies
  • Present a single face to the customer across your business regardless of region or channel

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Use SAP Business ByDesign to expertly manage your sales, service, and marketing processes, driving top-notch customer engagement.

  • Streamline marketing by leveraging personalized customer information to better manage campaigns, lead generation/qualification, and handoff to sales
  • Increase sales by enabling complete sales force automation and improving account management, from first contract to final deal
  • Provide superior service by giving your employees the insight and tools they need to boost customer satisfaction

Key Benefits




Suite in a box

End-to-end solution in an affordable, quick-to-implement package



Embedded real-time analytics


Built for growth

Designed to scale as you grow


Continuous Innovation

On-going investments ensure best-in-class functionality

Mobile apps designed for the business consumer

  • Extensible KPI gallery for personalized insight.
  • Dynamic analytics personalized for you.
  • Personalized news and information feeds.

Service Offerings

After a decade long successful journey as SAP Business ByDesign Gold Partner; IT Champs is now ready to embark on a new mission to enable medium and large embark on a new mission to enable medium and large enterprises in India to scale their growing business.

50+ successful implementation using SAP certified Accelerated SAP or ASAP model of implementation.

SAP Business ByDesign can be a game-changer for your fast-growing business. The cloud-based ERP can deliver real-time data-driven insights, accelerate the pace of business, support new cloud capabilities, spark innovation, mitigate cost while enabling collaboration, standardization and visibility over the entire business.

Customization is all about tailoring SAP Business Bydesign ERP software to match specific needs of the customer.

Every business has its own explicit and implicit requirements about how to modify their SAP Business ByDesign software to integrate with their business functions and existing landscape. IT Champs as your existing SAP Business ByDesign partner can extend, complement and enhance SAP Business ByDesign software by integrating with existing third-party solutions or rendering specially designed add-ons to fit the exact requirements of your business. We understand that in this new world, innovation is a centerpiece of a successful business.

As your SAP Business ByDesign customization partner, IT Champs understands the unique needs of growing businesses and has expertise in customizing SAP Business ByDesign to meet industry-specific requirements. Our SAP-certified team will dive deep into the nature of your business and develop custom SAP Business ByDesign solutions matching your exact business needs.

Consistent training, upgradation and dedicated support to ensure a smooth transition.

We work on SAP certified Accelerated SAP or ASAP model of implementation. With a team of more than 75 experienced SAP implementation consultants, we have provided consultancy across multiple verticals in Delhi, Ahmedabad, India and Kenya.

Key Advantages

24 X 7 Support – Dedicated portal to handle your queries and requests.

Flexibility – Onshore, offshore and mixed models to give you the best support, always!

Certified Experts – A dedicated and SAP certified team that resolves your queries in a timely fashion.

End-to-end services for Disaster recovery, Server management and hosting.

In an always-on world, businesses can’t afford downtime even for a second. Our SAP experts know how to protect your business to stay unhindered in case of disasters & operational failures. We know that simple backups are not enough for businesses with mission-critical applications.

We ensure business continuity and provide disaster recovery services that support your business across SAP cloud and on-premise.

Seamless migration to SAP HANA or any newer SAP versions.

Let IT Champ be your strategic partner of choice to ride the new wave of change with SAP HANA. Upgrading to SAP HANA can deliver outstanding results in terms of speed and performance, help enterprises seize new opportunities, and improve ROI of your SAP landscape with faster time to value. IT Champs helps businesses to stay agile, competitive without risking business disruption, security, compliance and performance.

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