SAP Education



Today, many organizations are looking at ERP to enhance their efficiency, productivity and performance. These companies reply upon ERP to make business a best – run. ERP applications make a company’s IT infrastructure a strategic toll which aids in business development showing better profitability. And today organizations don’t think beyond SAP.

SAP is one of the world’s leading ERP applications supporting all types of business and industries. SAP solutions help in increasing competence by integrating over all business processes, facilitating the company to stay competitive and grip on the right prospects at precise time.

SAP is the largest business software being implemented in almost all big entities. Now the question arises who to work on this software. Companies prefer only SAP certified consultant to work on their SAP software.

Why SAP?

  • Get expertised and knowledble to tackle the market challenges
  • Wide continuum of opportunity in the international market
  • Competitive edge to meet the strategic goals of your organization
  • Gain international recognition and bring in client confidence
  • Our instructors are practicing SAP consultants having in-depth product knowledge, project implementation experience and proficient course delivery skills.

Getting trained in SAP and getting the certificate means that you will be joining a band wagon of globally recognized in-demand professionals. SAP eAcademy is a new series of supported learning and blended learning approach that enables you to get SAP certified at your own convenience.

SAP eAcademy is a new series-a supported learning and a blended learning approach that enables you to get SAP trained at your own place. Add to this structure that has been carefully designed to ensure that you at no point face any challenges and can chalk-out a schedule to complete the course any time with in span of 5 months.

So in just a matter of 5 months you will be looking at the career that will take you closer to your dream and a certification that’s world-class. Because few credentials in the business world carry the value of SAP certification. Those who hold it have honed their skills through rigorous study or direct experience. They have demonstrated their abilities by passing demanding, process-oriented exams. With SAP certification, you are empowered to demonstrate superior expertise, giving yourself a powerful competitive advantage.


Isn’t SAP only technical?

No, SAP is technical and functional. SAP academy brings you a range of SAP training modules specially designed to help you focus you energy on you line of job. You can pick the course that best suits your domain or educational background. SAP eAcademy has a strategically divided SAP solutions training into different modules. Each of these modules focuses on different operations, i.e. the role based courses delivered in-depth training on a specific role within the business process. As a result, the courses provide exactly the information you need-no more, no less.

Be it HR, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing or Programming – SAP eAcademy offers you courses to match your career path.

“The industry needs more SAP professionals, And here’s your chance to take that BIG LEAP to into the BIGGER LEAGUE. GET SAP TRAINED, BECOME GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL”