SAP Audit & value discovery

In the current environment the technology challenge is not only restricted to the CIOs or CTOs and become more become a challenge to complete business. It is always necessary to identify the values that can brought to the business which can help the business to, improve efficiency, reduce the cost, support the decision making and sever customer better. IT Champs has conducted such value discovery exercises in different organizations at different levels and help to bring improvements right form transactional benefits till information to senior management and even beyond to server the customers.

Approach to Audit & Value Discovery

Our Methodology:

The Value Discovery Exercise is a comprehensive process identifying the general and niche areas where the efficiencies can be improved. IT Champs has a vast experience of carrying out similar exercise for other clients before. This methodology is a combination of Problem management & Knowledge Management. This methodology has three major phases

1. Prepare:

This phase is mainly focus on the expectation management where, the meeting with key stakeholders is arranged. First. they are informed about the way the process of value discovery will be conducted and the following focus areas are identified from organization viewpoint.

• SAP Processes to understand current flow.

• Mapping of Roles & Authorization

• Audit of SAP configuration settings to determine correct mappings

• Financial Compliance Audit

• Licenses & other Statutory Compliance Audit

• Performance Audit to determine if ABAP codes and flows have been set properly to give ultimate performance

• Audit of IT control systems such as Disaster Recovery, Data Back etc. to determine the required controls for a smooth working