With most dynamic, challenging and competitive business environment it is imperative for all organization to keep focused on most valued asset of the organization i.e. Customer, IT Champs is one of most accepted CRM implementation Partner with its in depth knowledge and experience in this area. SAP Customer Relationship Management – CRM helps organizations to manage customer’s life cycle. IT Champs helps to integrate processes from marketing to sales and from Sales to service for the organization. Streamline every activity, operation and to improve efficiency and deliver the better customer satisfaction.

SAP CRM compliment organization to optimize the cost and improve quality of customer service and better business decision making process.

The SAP CRM solution enables a wide range of end-to-end business processes to address an array of Marketing, Sales and Service situations. The functionality of SAP CRM is deployed step-by-step and easily adapts and extends to provide a more distinct customer experience.

Maximize customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional customer service while reducing service cost. The aim is to transform the contact center into a strategic delivery channel for marketing, sales and service efforts across all contact channels, while maximizing customer loyalty, reducing costs and boosting revenue.

Discover how SAP CRM solutions can help you attract and retain customers while growing revenue.

Understand your audience by anticipating their needs. Engage your customers by acting on insights and delivering hyper-personalizedexperiences. Deliver on your promises – from providing a quick and simple buying experience to having orders ready for a seamless pickup, to showing up on time for a service call. Fulfilling your brand promise is critical to customer satisfaction.