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Pharma & Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Pharma & Life Sciences companies require visibility into their supply chain to ensure the availability and reliability of raw materials and finished goods.

ITChamps offers planning, collaboration and analytics solutions that help Pharma & Life Sciences companies develop responsive supply chains. Our solutions address end-to-end requirements – from demand forecasting for generic drugs to the production and procurement planning for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).

Our Demand Planning solution offers demand evaluation in offline mode and enables seamless integration to SAP. We use proprietary data extractor kits & file validation tools to automate data upload, integrate data from disparate systems, and ensure a ‘single source of truth.’

We streamline purchase processes to optimize requisitioning and order cycle time. We also track supplier performance, mitigate supplier risks and categorize spend data. This improves spend visibility, identifies areas of cost reduction and rationalizes the supplier base. Significantly, it enables unique inventory strategies for finished and bulk-finished goods based on product cataloging and the capacity of stocking units.

ITChamps Handles the Following Business Requirements of Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Companies

Supply chain diagnostics and advisory services

SaaS-based enterprise spend management tools

Customized shelf-life planning and expiration management solutions for manufacturing & order fulfillment

A suite of solutions to reorient the supply chain – from process redesign to reporting, including material commitment, pegging & stock expiration reports

Financial Management

Invoicing & Payment Management

Logistics Management

Medical Document Management

Patient Records Management

Resource Planning and Scheduling

Full Lifecycle Product Development

Enterprise Reporting & Business Intelligence Services


Document Management Solution

Customer Relationship Management

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