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ITChamps Academy

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ITChamps’ SAP classroom training is led by industry experienced faculties. This program lasts for 25 days, during which our students become eligible to take up the SAP certification. With our online training mode, students have to take up the online SAP training within the ITChamps’ premises and complete their 200 hours of training. Online training can be opted for 3 months, and will also be overseen by our mentors. After completing the required hours, our students become eligible to take up the SAP certification.

SAP Certification

SAP is one of the most sought-after certifications in the current business environment. IT professionals acquainted with SAP platforms are in demand across the globe and it has been one of the most successful IT certifications in recent times. SAP implementation is a complicated process and demands adequate knowledge and training. For a professional, it takes years of experience to gain adequate expertise on SAP. This is also the reason that modern businesses prefer SAP-certified professionals.

SAP Training for Corporates

Why Train Your Employees On SAP?

To provide them with the much-needed knowledge of organizational processes & functions.

To enhance their skills and be more effective by minimizing processing errors & manual steps.

To improve process efficiency & compliance in an organization.

To understand the full scope of what else is possible in the system outside of what is configured for a better ROI.

Understand the integration of other business functions & operations better.

Programs Offered

Corporate Learning Hub + Training

ERP Foundation