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Enterprise HR & Payroll Solutions

Employee Self Services (ESS) - Managerial Self Services (MSS)


iEmpPower is ITChamps’ in-house ESS/MSS tool for an employee’s life cycle information. The tool can be seamlessly integrated with the back-end payroll processing system as well as the financial system for the accounting of payroll results. It has a very intuitive, responsive and an easy-to-use front-end for employees, managers and HR admins of an organization.

Key Features

Maintenance of employees’ personnel information

Leaves and attendance recording & regularization

Payments, reductions & reimbursements

Payslip display

Employee and Manager Self Services, including workflows

Service requests related to payroll

There are 3 modules in iEmpPower

Employee Self Service

Manager Self Service

Payroll Processing

Streamline your ESS/MSS & Payroll Processsing Process

Organizational Management

The integration of iEmpPower includes the data integration of an employee’s details such as:

The organizational unit



Cost Center

Reporting Hierarchy


It’s a complete set of self-service suites

Provides complete HR processes coverage

Contains role-based functionalities for employees, managers, HR & admin

It’s deployable in public / private cloud scenarios

The presence of external system interfaces for data exchanges

Add-ons are available for purchase requisition, task management & incident management

Comes with a simple & adaptive interface which is device-independent

Callable (Interface – Ready) HCM functionality APIs and WEB services

Has features like reporting & analytic, dashboards and drill down reports

HR Process Coverage

Organizational Management

Time Management


Learning & Development



Performance Management System


Benefits Management



Generation of Letters & Forms

Employee Loan from the Company

Medical Claims & Reimbursements


Streamline your ESS/MSS & Payroll Processsing Process