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Enterprise HR & Payroll Solutions

Payroll Outsourcing

ITChamps, Your Payroll Outsourcing Partner

Payroll outsourcing is a process of assigning the process of payroll management to a third-party with expertise in this area. Since payroll is mostly an extended but not the core department in almost 99% of the salary outsourcing companies, the primary advantage which the company enjoys is a reduction in the overall cost as well as quality of service delivery.

Why Choose ITChamps?

ITChamps has the proper understanding and knowledge about the latest norms of payroll management. The company pays full attention to make the payroll records error-free. We are always attentive about maintaining the security of the data of the clients. To maintain a high standard, we follow the most efficient operating procedures to protect the information and utilize them as per the norms. Our team of experts keep an updated track of newly launched regulations of labour and Income Tax laws.

Quick query resolution turnaround time by the help desk associates

Filing of monthly returns and PF advice

Creation of MIS reports easily when required

DS advice as well as returns

Consultation for your employees at the end of the year for investment and tax saving related purposes

Bonus advice as well as returns

Pay slip generation with details of tax as well as CTC

ESIC advice as well as returns

A provision to opt for a FBP (Flexi Benefit Plan)

Generation of Form 24Q for quarterly TDS returns

Return submission and professional tax advice

Generation of Form 16

Payroll Services

Payroll services is quite complicated if whole process doesn’t work properly, and managing the entire payroll in-house creates a lot of challenges related to on-time salary payments, less costs, taxes and compliance related issues. We provide end-to-end payroll solutions which saves valuable time and resources, and avoids human errors.

Monthly Payroll Outsourcing Services

Quarterly Payroll Processing

Other Services

Monthly Payroll Outsourcing Services


Payroll Compliance Outsourcing Services

Once your employees submit their reimbursement claims through our intuitive ESS portal, we provide the following,

Payroll Compliance Outsourcing Services

Quarterly Payroll Processing

Other Services

TDS Correction, Revise Returns Filing

TDS correction and filing of revised returns
Analysis of any default notice received from the tax department and proposing the course of action
Drafting of the reply to default notices received from the tax department

Investment Proof Checking

Checking of 80C investments / other deductions for tax purposes
Submission of the discrepancy report of investment approved and rejected by our auditors

Reimbursement Proof Checking & Processing

Auditing of the reimbursement proof submitted by the employees
Submission of the discrepancy report of approved and rejected by our auditors
Processing of reimbursement for payout as per the approved limits
Calculating and accounting the tax impact as per the IT laws

Comprehensive Payroll Solutions for Enterprises