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SAP Audits & Value Discovery

SAP Audits & Value Discovery

In the current environment, technological challenges are not only restricted to the CIOs or CTOs – they’ve also become more become a challenge to the complete business. It is always necessary to identify the values that can be brought to the business which can help it to improve efficiency, reduce the cost, support decision-making and serve the customer better. ITChamps has conducted such value discovery exercises in different organizations at different levels to bring improvements right from transactional benefits to the senior management and even beyond.

Our Methodology

Approach to Audits & Value Discovery


The Value Discovery Exercise is a comprehensive process which identifies the general & niche areas where efficiencies can be improved. ITChamps has vast experience of carrying out similar exercises for other clients, as well. This methodology is a combination of Problem Management & Knowledge Management.

The methodology has three major phases.


This phase is mainly focused on expectation management where the meeting with the key stakeholders is arranged. First, they are informed about how the value discovery process will be conducted and the following focus areas are identified from an organization viewpoint.


In this phase, workshops are planned with all levels of management to access information and current processes from different angles. This is done with the objective of understanding the present working scenarios, transaction details with information & business process touch points. This process is achieved through interviews with users, managers and members of the senior management team.

Subject matter experts try to compare the current business processes with the best practices followed. They help to identify the duplication of data capturing, redundant data capturing as well as non-value transactions/processes. The assessment is done for data and information required by the decision makers and also from information captured, stored & presented to such a team. The SME team also conducts their own checks in the system to understand the current process configured, used, not used, or not configured, depending on the current business process of the organization.

Based on the information collected from different interviews, system checks & reports provided by participants, a detailed exercise is carried out and the results are mainly divided as follows:


In this phase, the SME delivers the findings gathered from the execution exercises. A detailed report on the current usage of the system and its unutilized or underutilized functionalities is explained. Recommendations are made considering the best practice guidelines. The change management issues are explained and the priorities of possible quick achievements are advised.

A recommended SAP applications optimization plan is prepared which helps the business processes in the long run. The ROI for every recommendation is explained and a detailed roadmap over the stipulated period is suggested for the business organization.

SAP Audit & Value Discovery

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