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Enterprise Security Solutions

Cyber Security

Enterprise Security

Enterprise security is how organizations protect their data, information assets and IT systems from data breaches or cyber attacks. The digital landscape is constantly evolving and corporate networks are relying more heavily on digital infrastructure and cloud computing. ITChamps’ security services negates the potential threat to an organization’s assets along with expanding customer data.

Application Security Testing

Web & mobile applications are the primary entry point for attackers. These apps are often left vulnerable due to factors like having an enormous pressure on the development teams to meet deadlines & vulnerable third-party APIs.

Server Security Testing

Servers are goldmines of information for the attacker. Application servers are home to the source code of the application, configuration files, cryptographic keys & lots of other important data.

Network Penetration Testing

Network management of any organisation is one of the easiest targets for attacks. Wireless networks are highly vulnerable to attacks like MiTM, DoS & de-authentication along with being vulnerable to DoS attacks.

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Infrastructure security is the cumulative security assessment of applications, servers & the network of an organisation. ITChamps offers specific testing services to perform a comprehensive risk assessment.

Cloud Security Testing

Securing cloud infrastructure is the important aspect of digital mobility. Most cloud migration services focus on speed rather than security. There have been multiple data breaches due to misconfigured cloud services.

IoT Devices Security Testing

IOT devices are connected to technology & can be easily manipulated. Hackers can hack these devices & disrupt their functionality. These attacks can either lead to a device being non-functional or be misused by the attacker.

Our Approach

Information Gathering

In this stage, we perform a detailed reconnaissance of the application, its architecture, features & security controls.

Planning & Analysis

Based on the information collected, we devise a full scale “Red Team” approach to mimic real-time attacks. To minimise the impact, we plan the attack, either on a dummy environment or during times of lowest network activity (lowest traffic).

Vulnerability Assessment

Here, we run vulnerability scanners to look for possible vulnerabilities & common vulnerabilities related to the platforms, APIs, technology frameworks, etc.

Penetration Testing

At this stage, we run exploits on the application to evaluate its security by using custom scripts, open source exploits & in-house tools to achieve a high degree of penetration.


We generate concise & succinct reports of vulnerabilities discovered, along with discussion on the nature of the vulnerability, its impact, threat level & recommendations to remove the same.

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